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MessageSujet: Nicholas et les escaliers   Nicholas et les escaliers EmptyLun 28 Sep - 20:20

Dear Manuela

I thought you might want to know how we are getting one, after almost one week. Nicho is definitely doing very well, although he cannot manage to be without me for one minute still. I’ve been able to stay at home the entire week, or take him with me in the car to go to the playground with the kids. he is very quiet and gentle all the time. except to cats - has tried to chase them, and I’ve bought a muzzle for him to wear when we get our new kitten in a couple of weeks from now, at least until we are sure he will accept it.

The barking seems to have stopped. I flapped the dishcloth at him once, which gave him a big fright, and he only barked again once - to welcome me back from going to the car for 2 minutes without him. how could I be angry?! He whines and cries when I go where he cannot follow, but I think that he’s doing that less. Next week I will start to leave him a little more often.

he is eating very well. definitely a lot more than 450g per day, and I also feed him 3 times a day, until he puts on weight. He is on his feet most of the day, and uses up so much nervous energy, that I think he needs a bit more food for now. also, we have a long walk every day, of more than an hour, and I’m getting fit enough to run with him for short distances, which he enjoys.

He taught himself to be able to use the stairs which go down to the cellar area, and it was amazing that he refused his treat, until he had practised going up and down again by himself. Then he ate his treat. But the wooden stairs up to the bedrooms is scary, because they are open, so he can see down into the big hole below (to the cellar). So we have to carry him. he can be quite restless at night, and wakes us up. I think that if he is more settled next week, I will leave him downstairs to sleep in the living room. it will be hard for him to adapt, but I would prefer it.

jacket: I asked for a jacket to be ordered for him by your organization, but today we found a perfectly fitting jacket, and I think we may need it in the next weeks as he definitely feels the cold. so we bought one already and I won’t need one from you. I hope you are not inconvenienced by this. there is a new dog and cat megastore near us, and they really have everything you could need, even for racing dogs, and very knowledgeable staff. there is also a clinic there, and its not far from our home. so I think now we have everything a dog could need, including irish dog food with salmon in it! it smells disgusting, but Nicho likes it.

the first 4 days he peed in the house sometimes, but now for the last 2 days – no more pee! He’s not yet learned to ask to go out, so I have to leave the door open when I can’t be watching him. he likes to pee on the patio (especially on my rose), rather than on the grass. Does not like to get his feet wet! But at least its getting easier, and he tries hard to do the right thing.

He’s very loving, and starting to be a little playful sometimes, so I think he is starting to feel at home. he certainly learns very fast, and has learned to watch me from the kitchen door, when I tell him to go out. It’s amazing how sensitive he is – I’ve not had a dog so sensitive and responsive before. But what sad eyes!!

I’ll let you know our progress next week. I hope the other dogs are also settling down well.

We all send best regards,

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MessageSujet: Nouvelles de Nicho   Nicholas et les escaliers EmptyMar 11 Jan - 18:09

La propriétaire de Nicho a envoyé ces belles photos de Nicho qui passe une vie heureuse, choyé dans sa famille.
Il a bien changé, lui qui pourchassait les chats au tout début! Very Happy

Nicholas et les escaliers Nichol12

Nicholas et les escaliers Nichol13

Je rajoute aussi celles du diaporama de Noël que je trouvais aussi très belles! I love you

Nicholas et les escaliers Nichol14

Nicholas et les escaliers Nichol16
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MessageSujet: Nouvelles de Nicho   Nicholas et les escaliers EmptyDim 16 Jan - 10:31

ça fait vraiment plaisir à le voir ainsi Exclamation Effectivement il s'est bien adapté à sa nouvelle vie. Il est très beau, il ressemble beaucoup à Zen I love you
Merci pour les nouvelles cheers et longue vie pleine d'amour à Nicho
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MessageSujet: Re: Nicholas et les escaliers   Nicholas et les escaliers Empty

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Nicholas et les escaliers
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