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MessageSujet: DELL et SALLY   Sam 25 Avr - 21:49

Good evening Manuela,

Sorry for the delay in answering your email... I had and still have
problems with my notebook. Also I had a very exhausting time and I'm
trying to find again some time for me and the dogs. I'm sure you are
curious about how the dogs are and how we are living together. All of us
love eachother and also Rani - the Irish Setter of my Mom - has a good
connection to Dell and Sally. The only thing which is not working at all
is the life besides our cats. Dell and Sally are passionated hunters and
that forced me to put them on the muzzles when they go out of my
apartment. They have already harmed one of our cats and we had to go to
the vet with her to 'stitch' her together. But she is very well again. I
believe it is just important to take the situation and make the best of it.

We went to obedience school for a few weeks, but we did not really like
it as they were mostly trying to treat them like German Sheppards and as
you know Sighthounds are completely different. I want to see if we will
like the local Sighthound Racing Club. I'm not very ambitious in
getting many cups, but I would like to know more people with sighthounds
to share experience.

About Dell:
Dell has become my little boy, he is crying very often when I leave him.
Also he does not like rainstorms. Dell is very introverted, he does not
show many feelings and he does not like to have body contact with Sally
or me. He also has gained some weight, he is now 34 kg. But Dell is
still not trying to get everything which could be eatable. Dell seems to
me to be very happy with his life he is living now. I don't believe that
he bothers that I do not always have the time to walk them for hours.
Dell is just happy when I'm around. Unfortunately he did not yet start
to play with the soft toys. In the first few months I realised that Dell
did not have a good level of fitness, after 20 minutes he was absolutely
exhausted. But that is gone. When we are preparing for a walk he starts
to run around like mad and walks circles. I would say he is an ordinary
man ;-) . Unfortunately Dell has already pulled out a craw two times by
running. Lately he has damaged one again so that it was bleeding like
mad. Dell still has the craw of the thumb on his left foreleg and this
was pulled out once and the damage was on this craw as well. I will go
to the special vet in Burgdorf who has lots of experience with
sighthounds to let him make the surgery with this craw. I believe Dell
will after that have less problems with his paws.

About Sally:
Sally is the sunshine in our house! She likes to kiss the people whom
she knows right in the face! Even if they are standing tall. Gavin - my
boyfriend - is 1.88m and she jumps up to kiss him in the face! She loves
to be as close to me as possible, no matter if on the sette or in bed.
She loves a cuddle and she is really a sweetheart. I believe it really
was love at first sight of both sides! She helpes me to keep my
apartment sorted - she is eating everything eatable which is not secure
and she was already destroying the remote control of my tv and some
other things. Have you ever seen a Greyhound with a Cappuccino beard? I
have! Hihihi... and I think she likes coffee... Sally is full of energy
and joy and she is the reason why I want to go with the dogs to the
racing court. Also Sally has gained some weight, she is now 31 kg and
she kept most of the muscles from her racing career.

Of course both of them are as fit as a fiddle and I believe that I can
see that both of them love their Mommy. If you will ever need a home for
a female Deerhound, Italian Greyhound or Podenco please let me know. As
soon as Gavin will move here I could also imagine to have two Italian
Greyhounds as well. The dogs do me good and I have become much fitter
since they have come here. Also my dogs are very rare here and many
people ask me to tell them more about them. Many people start to smile
when I drive by and the dogs are holding their heads out of the window.
We have become a real dream team! ;-)

I think that all are good reasons to tell you how glad I am that you
decided to rehome Dell and Sally at my home! We are all so very happy
that you gave us the chance to show the world that we can have a
wonderful life together and I'm glad that I got the opportunity to give
them a good home!

Please find attached some pictures of Dell and Sally and also Rani, our

Thank you for making all that possible!

Best wishes

Dell, Sally and Sarah
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